Restorative Bathtub & Bathroom Tile Reglazing

Revitalize your bathroom at a fraction of the cost with bathtub and bathroom tile reglazing services from Glaze-Tec Bathtub Refinishing in Mastic, New York. Our company utilizes a new, advanced chemical refinishing technology that is specifically designed to outperform any competitor’s low-end paints.
Spray Painting
Competitors often use spray paint, car paint, and epoxy paints for refinishing tubs. However, under the rigors of daily use and exposure to lye and chemical bathroom cleaners, car and epoxy paints tend to dull out rapidly, scratch and chip very easily, fade prematurely, and begin to bubble, crack, and peel off because they are not chemical-resistant finishes.
Our High-Tech Chemical Process
Our technicians only use Porcelain Glaze™, which is a new type of chemical finish, not a paint. It is completely chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and chip- and scratch-resistant. Fully guaranteed against bubbling, cracking, and peeling, this refinishing solution pays for itself.

Step-by-Step Process

DIY bathtub paint kits are NOT even close to what we use or do . As is the same with the bargain low cost refinishers out there. If you do this to your tub there will be an additional 2 hours of stripping plus labor expense involved to remove the inferior and most likely peeling paint. We must get the tub back to it’s original state prior to the tub being done improperly , and then start over the right way from the ground up.

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Our Porcelain Glaze molecular bond is only allowed by law to be sold to licensed properly trained professional refinishing contractors and prohibited for sale to the general public. Our process is unique and takes approximately4 to 5 hrsto complete . We spray on 5 coats of Porcelain Glaze hot with a turbine spray gun for extreme durability with a molecular bonding longevity high solids finish that lasts 15 to 30 years !
Backed up by an exclusive 5 year Guarantee in writing ! Our motto is ” 1 and done ” Do it right the first time or not at all ! We take pride in our craftsmanship honesty, integrity and treat your tub like it’s our own. With over 28 years of skilled experience, proper prep & application process techniques and using only the very best molecular bonding high solids finish money can buy is the key ! If our name is on your job it’s done right !

Detailed Process Description

Our technicians apply a new finish utilizing an advanced turbine technology spray system. While being applied, the Porcelain Glaze is heated by the turbine and sprayed on in layers for a durable near factory-baked finish. Once the new finish is applied, it begins to thermo-set (harden) permanently onto the new surface.

Time Frame

An average bathtub takes approximately two to three hours to refinish. Use can be resumed after only 24 hours.

Color Options

Standard colors include white, bone, or almond, and custom colors are unlimited. We can match any custom color within two to three days after receiving a color swatch from you by mail.

Our Guatantee

Enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of knowing you have selected the best company in the business, with proven experience and the highest quality standards anywhere. All of our work includes a five-year written guarantee against bubbling, cracking, and peeling.

Spraying Bathtub (Inside)
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Spraying Bathtub (Outside)
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Spraying Bathtub (Finished)
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